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01 February 2016

What's the Plan?

The purpose of this article is to focus on one of the documents involved in buying and selling land – The Plan – and the related issue of Encroachments.


The Conveyance is the document by which property is transferred from the vendor to the purchaser. It must always contain certain essential information, including the names of the vendor and purchaser, the purchase price and a description of the property being bought and sold


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20 January 2016

Private islands, private jets.....private trust companies? Barbados' latest wealth planning innovations provides the luxury of control and flexibility

Barbados has long been a paradise for the discerning members of the global elite. A pristine natural environment offering upscale elegance wrapped in authentic island charm and warm hospitality has long been a part of the allure of the island. In addition to the usual luxuries with which this well-heeled clientele would be familiar: private islands, private jets to name a few, Barbados now provides valuable wealth planning mechanics through its new private trust companies regime.

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18 January 2016

Using Barbados to Protect Wealth: China Edition (Part 4)

In relation to retention of appropriate control by settlors, Barbados has also enacted amendments to the Trustee Act to expressly permit the reservation of powers by settlors, without such reservation undermining the integrity of the trust. The recently enacted Trustee (Amendment) Act 2012-21 (the TA Act) relating to reserved power trusts was proclaimed in 2014 and is now in force in Barbados. Read More

18 January 2016

Using Barbados to Protect Wealth: China Edition (Part 3)

Barbados has recently enacted legislation permitting the establishment of private trust companies by the enactment of the Private Trust Companies Act, 2012-22, which is now in force. The use of private trust companies is particularly popular with settlors who wish to retain an appropriate level of control with regards to the administration of trust assets. Read More

18 January 2016

Using Barbados to Protect Wealth: China Edition (Part 2)

Barbados’ trust law is based on the principles of English common law, as varied by Barbados statute. It permits the creation of three broad categories of expressly created trust: the international trust, the offshore trust and the domestic trust. Read More
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