Announcing…The Winner of the Inaugural Lex Green Team Climactic Challenge!

14 February 2020

Last year, in the wake of the realization that environmental issues are of increasing concern to small island developing states, Lex Caribbean Attorneys-at-Law launched a committee known as the “Lex Green Team”, and began the process of spearheading initiatives to raise a greater sense of public environmental awareness.

The first of these initiatives was the “Climactic Challenge”, which was an in-house competition geared towards encouraging Lex staff and management to consistently practice environmentally-friendly initiatives, such as decreasing the use of paper and printing resources. There was an enthusiastic and firm-wide response to this initiative, and the Firm embraced a sense of sustainability both at work and at home!

All of the participants proved to be true “Eco Warriors”, and consistently practiced creating notebooks made of recycled paper, turning off the lights when leaving the office, and using the hand dryer instead of paper towels. Many also established more creative outlets for their sense of environmental awareness by planting kitchen gardens, utilizing car pooling, and participating in community activities such as beach clean-ups.

At the end of the competition, the winner was none other than Fred Phillips, Senior Associate with the International Business Unit. Congratulations, Fred!

Honourable mention should be made of Norma Hinkson, Lex’s Human Resource Generalist and Office Manager, who made a special effort to participate in activities which benefitted the wider community.

The Lex Green Team wishes to thank all of the participants in the Climactic Challenge for their commitment to a global cause, and look forward to launching more ventures in 2020.