Raeshawn Auguste is an Associate in the Probate and Estates Management and Conveyancing and Property Development departments at Lex Caribbean’s Trinidad office.

While employed with a well-established Trinidad firm, Raeshawn obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honours from the University of London in 2018 and her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice with Commendation (LPC) from Staffordshire University in 2019. 

Along with her passion for legal research, Raeshawn brings to the Firm her wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate department, specifically in mortgage transactions, having worked with reputable Attorneys for the past ten years. 

She is involved in the preparation of Agreements for Sale, Conveyances, Gifts, Leases, Assignments, Mortgages, Releases of Mortgages and Mortgage Bills of Sale. Apart from Conveyancing, Raeshawn is also involved in the Firm’s Probate and Estates Management practice and prepares Wills and various applications for Grants of Representation.  

Raeshawn is committed to client engagement by maintaining a high level of communication and managing transparent relationships wherein clients’ goals, concerns, values and feedback are incorporated while upholding client confidentiality.