LEX Caribbean Supports A Culture of Entrepreneurship in Barbados

Posted on January 5, 2015
in Publications, Legal Insights

Lex Caribbean

The Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation (BEF), in conjunction with the Global Shapers Bridgetown Hub, recently launched the first in a series of Mentorship Mingles, which LEX Caribbean proudly supported.

Lex Associate, Sade Jemmott, conceptualized and coordinated the event in her capacity as a Global Shaper and Director of the BEF on the basis that such events are vital in order to “build an entrepreneurial ecosystem which can help Barbados turn the corner economically”. Under the theme, ‘Who’s Behind the Mask?’ this mentorship exercise sought to explore the common entrepreneurial challenge of determining who to trust in business by bringing together entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and allowing them to learn from each other.

LEX Caribbean was therefore happy to sponsor this event, given its alignment with our Entrepreneurial Business Unit, by offering each attendee a free, no-obligation legal consultation in addition to our monetary contribution. It therefore offered the opportunity not only to sensitize this demographic to the specially tailored legal solutions offer by LEX Caribbean but also to be a part of the greater mission – creating a strong culture of entrepreneurship in Barbados.