Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach

We believe that sustainable living and sustainable businesses cannot exist in unsustainable environments. We understand that this applies to the ways in which we operate and structure our business itself, how we treat our environment, how we respond to the growing needs of our society, as well the ways in which we grant persons access to the quality services which we provide. This is why we have taken the responsibility as a leader in our field, to promote, support and initiate programs, that are driven towards: creating equal opportunity; preserving the environment; granting access to quality business and legal services; and being meaningfully involved in community outreach and charitable giving. 

Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular:

  • Poverty, social inclusion and inequalities;
  • Arts, culture, heritage and creative industries; and
  • The environment, including climate change adaptation, water resources, solid waste management and blue resources preservation,

we make it our mission to be and create the change we want to see in our society, towards a sustainable future. 

For us, this is more than just a desire, we see it is as our duty.


Community Involvement and Charitable Giving

The important role we can play towards developing our community is never taken for granted. This is why we regularly support local charities by donating to and participating in many charitable events, as well as spearheading charitable initiatives of our own. Some of our recent work includes:

  • Donating several stationary and other school supplies to The Rock Christian Primary School
  • Supporting the Barbados International Business Association’s humanitarian appeal for assistance in the Covid-19 pandemic response, by donating numerous food items to the local quarantine centres.
  • Supporting the Barbados Rotary Club’s “basket of goods” initiative, through monetary contributions towards purchasing numerous Covid-19 essentials needed to fight the pandemic.


Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to promote and maintain a fair and inclusive place of business, where equal opportunities are afforded across the board. With a richly blended and diverse staff, we take full advantage of the cognitive and creative diversity that this creates and channel such towards well rounded service provision, and a solid work product for our clients.

Lex Green Team

The Lex Green Team is an arm of our wider CSR strategy and is the heart and soul of our mandate on environmental awareness. Environmental issues have become an increasingly pressing concern in the global arena. Small island developing states, such as those that make up the majority of Caribbean territories, have seen the reality that they are more vulnerable in the face of environmental change, and must focus on sustainable and proactive approaches to preserving the environment and its biodiversity.  To that end, the Lex Green Team seeks to increase a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility both internally, with our own firm practices, as well as externally. Some of the Lex Green team initiatives include:

  • Promoting and facilitating the recycling of all recyclable materials in our office, as well as minimizing the use of paper and printing resources as best as possible.
  • Recognizing and observing days which are internationally set aside as environment awareness days. This year we observed Earth Day, and our staff individually highlighted their contributions to environmentally friendly activities.
  • Promoting internal initiatives such as our “No Meat for a Week Challenge” to encourage our staff to eat healthy and practice habits that preserve the environment.


Pro Bono/Thought Leadership

As a leading law firm in Barbados, our attorneys operate at the forefront of most of the latest legal developments taking place in the country. We pride ourselves with not just the delivery of excellent legal services to our clients, but also with contributing our legal expertise to a wide variety of initiatives of national significance through our thought leadership. Our attorneys provide legal assistance, without compensation, to several charitable organizations, boards and national policy committees. We work closely with organizations such as the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, the Aspire Foundation, and many others, providing legal input and insight. We also work very closely with relevant policy stakeholders on consultations relating to developing national legislation. We see as part of our duty to the wider community, the vital importance of our thought leadership, and we strive to do our part to grant access to our legal expertise on as wide a scale as we possibly can.