Recognizing the importance of generating meaningful thought leadership on the myriad of legal issues encountered in our practice, Lex Caribbean’s attorneys combine a shared Caribbean heritage with training and experience gained in several financial centres around the world to generate rich, relevant and timely insight. Here follows a sample of our most recent publications

05 November 2014

Trust Barbados for a Firm Foundation

Barbados has over time distinguished itself as an attractive offshore financial centre owing to its extensive treaty network, prudent regulatory framework, excellent professional services, modern infrastructure, economic and political stability and special incentives for a variety of business structures. Indeed, these features have traditionally offered this small Caribbean island state a competitive edge in the areas of international business and wealth management.

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10 August 2014

Angel Investment: Giving Your Business Wings

As Barbados continues to face retrenchment in the public and private sectors, more people are turning to entrepreneurship as an answer to their financial needs. However, traditional sources of funding for these ventures are for various reasons out of the reach of many. As such, interest in alternate funding sources, such as Angel Investors (Angels), is naturally on the rise...

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